Plastic Wagons

A great choice for families looking for light weight, cool gadgets and functionality at a reasonable price. Options like molded cup holders, storage bins and seat belts are common on plastic wagons because of its molded plastic nature – Whatever you dream up the toy builders can create it.


  • Lightweight and easy for most parents to pop in the minivan
  • Cool features like seats, storage bins, bottle holders and shade canopy
  •  Easy to maneuver and pull on solid ground
  • Won’t rust


  • Wheels – typically hollow plastic or solid rubber which means a stiff ride and little off road capability
  •  Longevity – the plastic will eventually dry out and become brittle
  • Loud – some of the cheaper plastic wagons have the plastic wheels which are a bit noisy while pulling
  • Steering – because of the way the wheel is connected to the plastic body, each wheel has a mind of it’s own. No haulin’ ass downhill while steering from inside on these wagons!
  • Weight capacity – kids and accouterments ok, but it’s not great for chores around the homestead like hauling 30 gallon plants or sack of manure.

What to look for in a Plastic Wagon

Solid rubber wheels are a must, to keep noise down and for longevity. Among all the other features, shade and storage should be of top concern as well.

The plastic wagon is a great choice for the family heading to paved places like the swap meet, state fair, park and around the neighborhood. It will roll over dry grass pretty well but this wagon is not advisable for the beach or dirt. You may get five to seven years out of a plastic wagon but at that age, the kids won’t stay put anyway. We like Radio Flyer, Little Tikes and Step2 brands –Here’s some of our top plastic wagon picks: